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    Citibank / Home Depot

    Came across this article. Warne makes good mounts, I guess they won't be getting any supplies from The Home Depot any time soon.

    Citibank Continues to Deny Credit to Firearms Industry | NSSF Blog

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    vote with your money and transfer your account to another bank and make sure they know why and spread the word to other gun owners to do the same. i cancelled my citi-bank card years ago for other reasons but the next time i get an offer from them i will tell them i refuse because of their policy on guns. nothing speaks louder on earth than money or lack thereoff. thanks for the information.

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    Thankfully there seems to be a Lowe's within a mile of every Home Depot around here. Home Depot lost my business a while ago anyway. Lowe's is always more organized and employees more helpful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Revvin' Evan View Post
    Lowe's is always more organized and employees more helpful.
    Really? I can't stand the places, they NEVER have what I need to keep my crews working when they're short this or that and the staff there knows absolutly (sp?) nothing about the building industry IMHO/
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    I found an ACE hardware near my house. I don't know what their stance is on firearms, but they have been far more helpful and knowledgeable than any Home Depot or Lowes I've been to. They have a surprising amount of stuff in stock too. I thought being a smaller shop I might run into them not having what I need, but so far so good. Then again I don't build houses, but they seem to still believe in the concept of customer service.

  7. GRNC (Grass Roots North Carolina) is building a forum to categorize NC businesses that are anti-Constitution.
    GRNC Alert 6-31-13: GRNC Press Release: Gun Group Targets Restaurants

    PS- Home Depot in the Greensboro area has not yet posted. We'll see...

  8. Citibank and BOA are just a few of my "never get a card" from banks. GE capital is next on my hit list. I've got some services with them that will be terminated once paid-off.

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