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Thread: Lowes Home Improvement Stores and their anti gun policies

  1. Looking thru this thread reminds me of the Monty Python skit about paying for an argument.

    I paid for an arguement
    No you didnt
    Yes I did
    You're contradicting me
    No I'm not

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    And now for something completely different.....

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    Not banned in upstate of SC....

  5. Not banned in Lowcountry of SC either........

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    There has never been a problem with open or concealed carry in our local LOWES, but this only applies to customers. Employees are not allowed to have a firearm on the premises, either carrying or in vehicles. This is a terminable offense.

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    Have never seen a sign in Lexington, neither have I been asked to leave....I cc of course been many times with a friend, who oc and we never had any issues.

  8. So in Kaintuck, you have the choice of Open or concealed carry? I wish we had that here in SC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GOV5 View Post
    So in Kaintuck, you have the choice of Open or concealed carry? I wish we had that here in SC.

    Yes either way. Its nice

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    Quote Originally Posted by cardinalfan View Post
    S but concealed is CONCEALED.
    You betcha! Not giving advise here but,
    A.) I have a CCW License
    When I am carrying,(which is 99% of the time)
    If you are licensed or if it is legal in your state to carry,

    My God, Why do CCW'ers think they have less rights.

    I don't care what some other person thinks. I don't let anyone know I am CCW and that is why it is called CCW.

    I am in no hurry to use my firearm in any situation and hope I never have to.

    Lets get over the stigma that the Elite Special Interest Groups are creating.
    If anything THEY ARE THE ONES who should be ashamed of themselves.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by S&WM&P40 View Post
    Lowes Home Improvement Stores and their anti gun policies

    After calling Lowes corporate call center, to find out once and for all just what Lowes Firearm policy was, I found the dark truth of the matter. While claiming to be “neutral” on one hand, on the other they are anti second amendment. They state their official corporate policy is to follow local and federal laws when it come to carrying firearms both open and concealed. But yet allow local stores to disregard corporate policy and ask customers to leave the store for carrying a firearm. I find it hard to believe that they allow such discrimination to take place in their stores when they claim they have no problem with it.
    Customers who are following their own corporate policy and as such following local and federal laws are treated like second class citizens. For the mere fact they should have the balls to exercise their constitutional rights in their stores that are staffed with anti gun and anti self preservation nut jobs! In the twenty first century discrimination is no longer about race, nationality, sexual orientation people are now discriminated against based upon one choosing to exercise their rights.
    All accounts of people being asked to leave the store for legally exercising their second amendment right have one thing in common. When asking the manager to show them the policy stating the Lowes firearm policy, none of them can find it. When I asked for a copy of the policy myself from corporate I was told “we do not give out that information” I informed them I would be filing a suit to attain a copy of this mysterious policy I was told “go for it.”
    I find it unreal that a customer would be faced with such a problem of being told “Yes” and then told “No leave now.” But that is just the case awaiting for any customer who called Lowes customer care line they will be told “Yes” you may carry in our stores. Only to be told “No” and told to leave the store and not to come back with the firearm. I would encourage all to boycott Lowes and spread the word to all about their twisted practices when it comes to your rights.
    You say that Lowe's policy is to follow state and federal laws concerning the carry of firearms on their property. Instead of complaining about it on an internet forum, why don't you just contact their corporate office and inform them of management violating their corporate policy? I've had a manager at Walmart ask me to leave the store once....only once. A quick call to corporate while sitting in the parking lot, and 15 minutes later, I received an apology from the manager.

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