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Thread: Lowes Home Improvement Stores and their anti gun policies

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    Quote Originally Posted by walt629 View Post
    Well, I suppose you could consider it to be a blanket response. However I think that the response covers their stance. The corporate policy is to not restrict C&C but they do follow local law.

    According to your definition of the term 'weapon' I then can assume that Lowes is in the business of selling weapons, IE box cutters, nail guns, steel pipe saw blades, etc., etc.

    You can have the last word on this topic.
    My term of a weapon lol no that's the dictionary's definition of a "weapon". Concealed carry is not the only means of carry.


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    Never had a problem at any of the Lowe's I've been in. If I ever do then Home Depot will just get all my business instead just most of it.

    It is pretty shady to say they follow state law but then tell their managers that they can ask people to leave.
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    I've never had a moment's trouble in HD or Lowes, either one. I carry openly 99.7% of the time and no one has ever said a word to me about it. Of course, I don't travel all over the country testing them either.My experiences come mainly from NM
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    Here in south Texas I have never had a problem in Lowes or Home Depot and there are no signs posted. Now of course this is Concealed Carry not open.

    Heck when I lived up by Ft. Davis, Tx. everyone carried openly and there were no problems. We even rode horses and wore our spurs in town. LOL!
    Bet that has all changed by now. Some years ago the Hollywood folks started buying up property and building homes there. Property values went sky high and I imagine their Liberal Socialist mindsets have caused a lot of damage.

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    Looks like no one from VA thus far has provided a datapoint; I've encountered zero problems at either chain and haven't seen any postings at the stores I frequent. I'm sometimes OC, sometimes CC. VA is a pretty tolerant OC state due to the efforts of VCDL and OpenCarry.org at educating the public (as well as our public servants in blue who sometimes require repeated training to comprehend what the law actually says).

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    The "Lowe's Experience"

    I think this all boils down to who the manager (or District Manager) is and what his/her views on guns are. It probably also varies from State-to-state, and/or jurisdiction-to-jurisdiction. I just found out that the new manager of the Lowes nearest to me is a shooter, and he was helping me pick materials to make a target stand. This is hard near me, as the ground is hard as a rock- it IS rock. He was very knowledgeable about this.
    It's very interesting to watch the posts here, and to see what is happening.
    There's a lot of variance from place to place. In New York State, if you merely cast a sideways glance at a gun (without having a permit), you'll go to jail on felony charges. In Kennesaw, GA, if you don't have a gun, they wonder what's wrong with you.

  8. i carry every time i walk into a lowes store. i just carry concealed, so no one knows.


    Quote Originally Posted by S&WM&P40 View Post
    Lowes Home Improvement Stores and their anti gun policies

    After calling Lowes corporate call center, to find out once and for all just what Lowes Firearm policy was, I found the dark truth of the matter. While claiming to be “neutral” on one hand, on the other they are anti second amendment. They state their official corporate policy is to follow local and federal laws when it come to carrying firearms both open and concealed. But yet allow local stores to disregard corporate policy and ask customers to leave the store for carrying a firearm. I find it hard to believe that they allow such discrimination to take place in their stores when they claim they have no problem with it.
    Customers who are following their own corporate policy and as such following local and federal laws are treated like second class citizens. For the mere fact they should have the balls to exercise their constitutional rights in their stores that are staffed with anti gun and anti self preservation nut jobs! In the twenty first century discrimination is no longer about race, nationality, sexual orientation people are now discriminated against based upon one choosing to exercise their rights.
    All accounts of people being asked to leave the store for legally exercising their second amendment right have one thing in common. When asking the manager to show them the policy stating the Lowes firearm policy, none of them can find it. When I asked for a copy of the policy myself from corporate I was told “we do not give out that information” I informed them I would be filing a suit to attain a copy of this mysterious policy I was told “go for it.”
    I find it unreal that a customer would be faced with such a problem of being told “Yes” and then told “No leave now.” But that is just the case awaiting for any customer who called Lowes customer care line they will be told “Yes” you may carry in our stores. Only to be told “No” and told to leave the store and not to come back with the firearm. I would encourage all to boycott Lowes and spread the word to all about their twisted practices when it comes to your rights.
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    Lowe's now openly assisting me

    Here's a good laugh for all of you.
    The guys at Lowe's were helping me with ideas on how to construct a frame for homemade 'reactive' targets. Ironic?
    I was talking to a guy the other day, when he said that there was a commercial bldg being torn down near him. The contractors gave the man all the old toilet seats to shoot at.
    Before I realized what I was saying, I asked "Did you clean them first?" Duhhhh
    Yes, I'm germophobic....

  10. I carry concealed in Lowe's stores all the time. They don't ask; I don't volunteer the information...

    ...and you won't find a corporation more supportive of our military: 10% off all purchases to military and veterans. Just show your VA card.
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  11. Here in Washington State, any private property owner (including a business, even a large corporation like Lowes) has the right to prohibit firearms on their place.. BUT the entrances MUST all be posted with large, easily readable signes to that effect. No sign, it is legal to carry in there. None of this "I just don't like it so you have to leave" nonsense. Posted, or they cannot deny entry.
    Now, if they DO see your piece and demand you leave, that is all they can do. If they demand you leave and you refuse, you can be cited for criminal tresspass.

    Waashington's laws... other states will differ.... Ohio's is very similar, as I learned on a visit there a year ago. Carried everywhere, no one knew it.. not even my friend I rode around with all week.... I asked him when he was taking be back to the airport if he realised I'd been carrying all week, ON my person.
    "no clue".... and he's a pretty astute chap....

    Personally, any private place that demands I not carry on their premises, I ask them if they will personally guarantee my safety during my stay.... being liable for denying me the right to see to my own safety. None will... but some will be, uhm, intolerant, and demand I leave anyway. At which time I assure them I will leave, and never return, as my personal safety ranks far higher than their views on the matter... particularly since they've got nothing to lose should something happen to me.

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