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    Fingers Furniture in TX

    They have the do not carry your licensed firearm is NOT welcome here signs posted. My wife and I started to go in to buy a room of furniture but saw the sign and left. Phoned their butts and told 'em they lost that business and as much business I could possibly help them lose. To this day I tell people not to shop there.

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    As a matter of curiosity, are the signs properly-posted 30.06 signs?
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    yes. the decal type inside the window. states the statute number and all.

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    I would also do as another member here did and send them a copy of the receipt when you buy your new furniture telling them that they lost your business and the reason that made you go to the store that the receipt is from.

    This way they can see that you are not just blowing off steam and was going to spend your money with them until you seen their sign saying your money was not welcomed. This way the owners can see how much money / business they are losing due to them not allowing people to exercise their second amendment right in their store. When they add up all the receipts and see how much money they have lost they might change their mind if the want their business to stay open.

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