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    Have had no problem with Bass Pro Shops, as noted guns in for service are to be unloaded.

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    The Gander Mountain store here is the same way. Their sign on the front door says the same thing. Its like a breath of fresh air. Odly enough though, they do not allow their employees, who work the gun area, to carry.

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    I just had a problem like that at a local gun show. Walked 100 yards across the parking lot and to the back of the building just to be asked if I had a firearm. I asked if cc was ok and was told no. I told my soon to be 3 year old son (in front of the line of people) that we didn't need to go into a place that didn't respect our rights and we left. I later talked to a friend of mine that is a deputy and he said it's not aginst any laws. The next day we went back and I told the lady I didn't have any firearms. A freind of a friend was working at the show and he said that they do that because some jack wagon was handling a customers gun and put a hole in the wall. Who hands a guy a loaded weapon?...Who handles a weapon without checking it? It's people like that that give cc people a bad name.
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    As to Bass Pro, I open carry at the one in Hooksett, New Hampshire, Not a word is said.

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