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    Wells Fargo Screwed Up

    I have a pretty large account balance at a local Wells Fargo branch here in Texas. Or should I say "had". Went in to ask about another merchant's account for an online business I opened selling firearms. I was told they wouldn't provide one to me if I sold firearms or ammunition. Well, I didn't throw a fit or get angry (which kind of surprised even me). I went DIRECTLY from her office to the tellers window and withdrew as much as they allowed me, and returned the next day with my satchel, and loaded my remaining funds (in cash).....handed to me by a reluctant bank president. He then witnessed the biggest smile he'd probably seen in a long time.

    Screw 'em!

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    Wow...now THAT is going to far by any standards. But even if I was anti-gun I would still want to take your biz (money) as long as your biz was legal. I was already planning on never using WF because of their carry policy, but this is just the topper!

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    Protecting the bank during a robbery is a red herring argument. As a CCW holder it's not my job to try to break up a robbery or protect the bank's money. I'd only draw if I felt I had to to protect life, that would be a judgment call. Most bank robbers don't bother the customers, they just want cash and run.

    I'm more concerned with being able to protect myself and my cash deposits or withdrawals to and from the bank. I don't want the inconvenience of having to disarm in the car (leaving the weapon more vulnerable to car robbery) then have to re-arm after my transaction.

    Of course, the drive-thru is always an option...
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    I know for a fact that Wells Fargo is obligated to follow the local firearm laws. My wife is a banker and I open carry in carry all the time. She has a liberal boss and he told me he asked a gun toting fella to leave once, that guy made some phone calls and my wife's boss was contacted by the WF big wigs and instructed to let em in. I had a similar run in w an ignorant manager at B of A. I made a few phone calls and the next time I went to the bank I was greatest w open arms. Also FYI telling a banker you're closing your accounts really has no impact on the bank or that individual, I hear the stories of rude people every day from my wife.

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    *greeted.....damn Iphone ...

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    Thumbs down

    Quote Originally Posted by nogods View Post
    how would they know you are "honest" or "law abiding" or "sane"?

    Have you got a "honest-law abiding-sane citizen" badge?

    And even then, how would they know you are competent to handle a firearm?
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    Interesting. My credit union does not have a sign posted, and I'm of the general opinion that it is easier to apologize later than ask permission in advance.

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    My local credit union had a No Firearms Allowed sign on it's door at one time. Several of their customers politely asked what the purpose of the sign was. One of the people who spoke with them was a concealed carry instructor. He explained that people who carry in our state are trained not to use their firearms to protect bank property, the only purpose for carrying was to protect their life and the lives of their family. Within a month the sign was gone. If you happen to be in a bank during a robbery the best thing you can do is to be the very best witness you can. Pay attention to details and don't do anything that would jeopardize the safety of anyone.

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    Wells Fargo near me at one time had sign, no longer have the sign or my account.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by nogods View Post
    You miss the point. The bank doesn't want to have to make those judgments. It simply doesn't want anyone with a firearm on its premises. Having a legal weapon doesn't make you competent to use it, or intelligent enough to know when not to, or even honest in your possession of it.

    The bank has a plan for dealing with bank robbers. the FBI stats bear out that those plans work to protect bank customers and bank employees. they simply don't want a self appointed security guard screwing that system up.
    the airlines had plans to deal with hijackers too. That didn't turn out well on 9/11/2001.

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