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Thread: Jared's Jewelry in Concord NH, anti-gun and anit 2nd amendment!

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    Money talks. If you do not like me carrying my gun I can and will carry my money to another store.
    That sums it up for me!!!
    "Any Government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have...." - Thomas Jefferson.

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    I found a wonderful response to this issue at a website for concealed carry in my state, Ohioans For Concealed Carry - The Premier Gun Rights Organization in Ohio Since 1999, which sells a card that you can give to owners and managers of businesses that display the Gunbuster sign. The card displays the Gunbuster sign at the top of the card, then an equals sign, then a dollar sign with the same non-symbol displayed over it. The message is, "Gunbuster equals no money; you just lost a customer." The rest of the card goes on to explain how they are discriminating against law abiding citizens and losing money because of it.

    Here is the Website link and a quote from the page. I'm not disarming myself anymore - I'm just going to hand a card to the manager or clerk and walk out. Might I suggest we all try to do the same! This way, there is no direct confrontation and no one has to be "sacked" to get his point across.

    "Occasionally we hear that signs have been posted on local business entrances to prohibit firearms on the property of that business.

    These notices are designed to warn law-abiding customers, who are duly licensed by the State of Ohio to carry concealed firearms for self-protection, that they are expected to give up the right of self-defense while on that property.

    Deliver these to store managers and owners of these businesses to let them know they have just lost a customer."

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    We got those cards here in VA too, If enough people leave em' the point starts to get across.

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