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    Bottom line if I see a posted sign then there isn't anything in that store that I can't find at a store down the street.

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    Local Verizon stores don't have any "no firearms" signs. Even if they did, it is concealed carry. I'll leave if they spot me and go somewhere else to shop.

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    Ditto, you want my business you accept my CC.

  5. I ignore these signs. For the most part, if you are dumb enough to let them see you have a weapon, they will simply ask you to dumb and say you didn't see the sign & leave...then switch to AT&T!

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    Our local Verizon stores haven't really posted anything about concealed/open carry. But since this is Vermont most businesses are friendly to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jes View Post
    I noticed a "no concealed weapons" sign on the doors of our local Verizon Wireless (Union Co, NC). After a quick search online this appears to be a company wide policy. My search also easily turned up a few armed robberies of Verizon stores although I did not see any homicides. Surely the thieves would have stopped and turned around on the spot if they had noticed the signs.

    It also appears that most other wireless carriers are equally as asinine. How does one own a cell phone without supporting these idiots???
    Easy fix, it says no concealed weapons. So OC, I OC at my local Verizon here in WA all the time. They don't have any stupid signs.

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    I wonder when businesses will realize that law abiding gun owners, and those who have no problem with the same, are the majority, and start marketing to us, not against us?

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    Walmart has FAST TALK it's $45 for unlimited everything and it's on the Verizon network
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    Quote Originally Posted by rifleshooter474 View Post
    Many times local managers make stupid policies for their stores. No CCW allowed is a very stupid policy.
    Also, some Verizon Wireless stores are privatly owned and run via franchise. Is it the company policy or the store policy?

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    Why not just ignore the signs? My concealed carry is just that - CONCEALED - SO I'm not going to be found out, so why worry about it? I'm not giving up my protection just because of a sign.

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