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    Concealed means concealed. My local Verizon store has no signs. There is z-wireless which is a authorized Verizon dealer. I've open carried in that store before without issues. I'm writing this from a DROIDX on Verizon.

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    Personally, I just ignore those signs. What they do not see will not hurt them. The signs are a byproduct of ignorance and in some cases, blinding stupidity.

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    Jes, I live on the other side of Monroe from you and have been with the WalMart card for several months. Verizon just got too high and then there is that sign. Went in one day and it was 45 minutes to get waited on. Walked out and over to WM.

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    Verizon policy - before the brake up of AT&T no firearms on any property. I know that goes back to 1973
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by tattedupboy View Post
    OK, yes I understand if you live in a place where a posted sign carries the weight of law. But in most places they don't and I just ignore them. And guess what? Nothing bad ever happened to me or that business as a result.
    In Texas, the gun in a circle with a slash through it means nothing, but, if a 30.06 sign is posted, bad things can happen. I wouldn't want to ignore that one. Haven't seen one at the local Verizon store though. Is this a corporate policy or local?
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  7. im a verizon customer... have been for seven years.

    i handle everything over the phone or online anyway.

    cant say that will leave them over this... guess i can call and give em crap over nothing just to even the score.
    I own firearms... hope to never have to use them. -Me-

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    That is a local store, not corporate policy. I OC in my Verizon store all the time. I am now actually an indirect employee of Verizon in a call center. No company is perfect, but as an employee/customer I think Verizon is one of the best. I know on numerous occasions I've had service when others did't. I may not agree with their no weapon employee policy, but I was in the Army for 21 years, and they had the same policy. Every state, and store will have their own rules, we may not like it, but we are kind of stuck. COSTCO is a no weapon business, but the main product I buy from them is gas which is usually $.10 less per gallon.

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