Basha's Grocery Market's in Arizona
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Thread: Basha's Grocery Market's in Arizona

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    Basha's Grocery Market's in Arizona

    Sign out front says No Gun's allowed (then in small print says ) unless you have a CCW. So they are ok with the ones that took the classes, but not people who constitutionally carry. Foul, My money goes to Fry's or Safeway. (and I was exclusively a Basha's shopper) but I haven't gotten my CCW yet. I plan to next week, but since they are partially against gun's, they lose out.

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    Private businesses can say NO guns, sorry. Telling a private business owner that they have to allow weapons in their stores is like Democrats demanding that all Republicans vote Democrat. And personally, having taken the courses, I think the value isn't in how to shoot a gun (I already knew that) but more in knowing the current laws and the "what ifs". Constitutional or not, there are probably a few people EVERYONE knows that you'd probably just as soon were NEVER armed, whether or not you'd like to admit it.

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