Don's Weaponry in North Little Rock, AR
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Thread: Don's Weaponry in North Little Rock, AR

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    Don's Weaponry in North Little Rock, AR

    Owner was on TV when the open carry was tossed about here and he did not support open carry, but he would be glad to charge you for concealed training.

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    Sadly, there are a great many "gun people" that are far from being true gun people. They're ONLY in it for the money that it can make them!

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    His agenda isn't very hidden, is it? No seriously, I'm sure that you all know people that you wouldn't want to see within 100 ft of a firearm, permit or not. I know many. How I approach a situation will ultimately depend on my initial perceptions, feelings if you will. If that bothers someone, then they should probably go elsewhere.

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    NO guns NO money, he would not get any of my business....

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