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Thread: No Guns Allowed!

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    No Guns Allowed!

    So if a store or business puts up a "No Guns" sign and, being a law-abiding citizen I disarm myself before entering who is going to protect me and my family when I am there? I think if a place forbids firearms on their premises they should provide me some measure of protection while on site. Criminals don't follow the rules but I have to?? How do these rules stand??

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    In texas if it's not a valid 3006 sign it cannot be enforced.

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    First of all....I'll just go shop elsewhere!!!

    Second, can anyone tell me what the New York law might be in this instance? Thanks!!

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    In TN a business doesn't have a duty to protect you from any general dangers. However if there is a threat that they knew of or should have known of (like the place always gets robbed every Tuesday) they have a duty to protect you to some degree. Still not sure that would mean they have to allow you to go armed. Most of the time the argument is going to be you had a choice whether to enter or not, if you chose to disarm and enter you also agreed to whatever risk that might include.
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  6. If a business is legally posted no CC allowed and you disarm and go in anyway you're a dumba$$ for supporting a "criminal safe zone business"

    Need more be said?
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    CHECK YOUR STATE LAWS. Unless there is a formal "opt-out" law that criminalizes entering a posted "no guns allowed" premises, then all you're doing is breaking that company's policy. All they can really do is ask you to leave if they somehow realize you are carrying. (If you refuse - it's criminal trespassing.)

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    Depends on the State, in North Carolina, the property has to be posted so you can easily see if from outside. So if it is marked so you may only see it once you have entered, then it isn't enforceable. Unless someone who is in control of the property (ie Security officer) tells you to take your gun outside, but Concealed is Concealed.

    Check the laws in the state and municipalities that you will be visiting. Make sure you know the law and the consequences there of.

    I think that if I was in a "Gun Free Zone/Criminal Safe Zone/Target Rich Environment" and I or my family was injured, I believe that I would sue the company for having a policy that disarmed me.

    Although it is very rare that I enter one of said zones.
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    Hit it on the head, Great Reply Hueman Thumbs up!!!!!!!!

  10. Unless it's a federal/state government building the only thing they can do is ask you to leave the store if they find out you're carrying. I always carry anyways because they may not care about me, my family, or and other customers safety and right to life but I shire as hell do. I don't see what's so hard to understand about that section of the second amendment that states "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED"

  11. I dont know but my money, like my firearm....they go elsewhere

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