Walgreen's Pharmacist fired for defending himself and coworkers
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Thread: Walgreen's Pharmacist fired for defending himself and coworkers

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    Walgreen's Pharmacist fired for defending himself and coworkers

    Surprised I hadn't seen this posted yet. This will make your blood boil.

    Video Released Of Walgreens Pharmacist Fired For Shooting At Armed Robber - The Consumerist

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    Walgreen's can kiss my money goodbye. It would appear the pharmacist's life was imperil and responded in a reasonable manner. Hope he cleans their clock in court.

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    wow. CVS will be my business now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrose View Post
    wow. CVS will be my business now.
    Welcome to this group from Missouri. I am glad you are learning...
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    Gun carry rules imposed by employer's on law abiding employees is unreasonable and risky - especially in high risk retail establishments like pharmacy's. I can understand the arguments on the side of the employer, I just don't agree that 'they have insurance to cover robberies' as a reason to keep someone from being allowed to protect their life or the lives of co-workers. Insurance covers the monetary loss, but there is no amount of insurance payment that can cover a needless loss of life. Walgreens can kiss my wallet good-bye!

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    No corporation or church should have rights above the individual. That is the root problem,of "policy" attempting to selectively per building undermine carry rights, leaving our gun in the car to arm a thief. We need to stress to our legislators NO CORPORATE OR CHURCH RIGHTS OVER AN INDIVIDUALS.

  8. Personally, I think any business has the right to restrict what people do on their property. If you don't like it, you take your money elsewhere. Did they have the right to fire him? If their corporate policies say he can't bring a weapon in, yes.

    Was it a bright idea to fire him? Not at all. Now the robbers know that the employees aren't armed. I bet this place gets robbed again within a year.

    On a positive note, nearly every comment I've seen so far on The Consumerist is pro-pharmacist.

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    I worked for walgreens years ago. Their policy for employees was not to fight or argue with bg. Give them money or anything else they want. The origional article I read stated he was let go for for violating this policy. The fact he used a gun in violating this policy was a side note. I personally don't shop at walgreens anyway.

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    The good news is that this man is a Pharmacist and will be able to find employment again, and I suspect, soon. the bad news is that if you willingly violate your employers policies you will face discipline. No matter how wrong headed the policy is. That is just how the world works. If I don't like my employers policies, I'm free to leave at anytime.

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    I love how incidents like this point out easy targets to criminals. It begs the question of how man more workers lives are endangered by there corporate policies. A pharmacy is already a target, no need to roll out a red carpet. As stated earlier, clearly Walgreens does not need my business either.

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