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  1. I live in Florida where a store's "no gun" sign doesn't carry the force of law. I'm a concealed carry permit holder and ignore the signs. Where I live these sign are rare, nevertheless I don't boycott the store, I just don't cooperate with private prohibitions of Second Admendment rights. Since I'm a law-abiding citizen, I will not carry my firearm into any goverment sanctioned "criminal free fire zones". However, I do avoid them if at all possible.

    As has been mentioned, some companies are forced to prohibit armed employees because of insurance or practical issues. Each employee has to assess their workplace risk level and make an employment decision. On the other hand, there is list of business owned by flaming liberals who are anti-Second Amendment foot-soldiers or just cattle. As I learn about these insidious companies, like Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, they won't get my business.

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    Does any one know if microsoft, google, or mosella are anti gun organizations? How about vBulletin?

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    We all should take the time to email those companies that post a "no gun" sign and in a very kind manner explain to them why we will not shop with them. Living in Ohio we have open carry and if the sign says "no concealed weapons" I open carry.

    I was in the market for a new car. I sent an email to the company explaining that I spent 30 minutes on their lot and when I started to enter the office to find a sales person I noticed their "no gun" sign. I explained that I wanted to honor their sign so I left went to there competition and spent $20,000!

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