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    Question about boycotting...

    So, I read on here lots of posts that say, "I won't shop at XYZ chain store because corporate policy says they won't allow firearms."

    So, I have 3 questions, mostly for the boycotters....

    1. Will you boycott a corporation because they do not allow their employes to carry firearms? Examples: Wal Mart, Home Depot and even Starbucks?

    2. Would you work for a corporation that did not allow it's employees to carry firearms?

    3. Why make a deal about corporations that don't allow firearms in their stores, when almost every major corporation will not allow employees to carry firearms? Are not employees worthy of equal protections as Joe Citizen shopper is?
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    Interesting questions. Yes, I'm a "boycotter." My gut feeling on this is that if we did choose to boycott all businesses that disallow carrying for their employees, we might end up planting huge gardens and raising our own beef! Having never been an employer myself, I don't know how much liability id be assuming by allowing my employees to carry. So I can't say whether id boycott a business on that basis or not. I will certainly boycott any business that disallows patrons from exercising their constitutional right to carry, or actively lobbies against 2A rights.

    Unfortunately, I can't boycott the USPS!

  4. I don't shop Walmart because of their firearms policies but I work at a place that bans guns. Beggars can't be choosers ALL the time I guess.

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    Just remember that businesses have a liability issue if their employees carry. A lot of businesses are not willing to accept liability for employees that have minimal training.
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    I work for a company that doesn't allow me to carry. We also had a Walgreens pharmacists who shot and killed an armed robber and was fired because they do not allow employees to carry.

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    Oh boy, almost everybody does not allow their employees to carry, if I were to avoid all those stores I'd have a long ways to drive and could probably never get gas.

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    I don't generally boycott businesses that prohibit firearms. Concealed is concealed. If they ask me to leave, I will.

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    I don't have the luxury of boycotting, though I'm sure if someone irked me enough, I would make that choice and make it known.

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    Carrying is about me and my family.
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    I've kicked around the idea of boycotting. And my personal opinion is that it just isn't practical. Most businesses don't allow their employees to carry. And I suspect the majority of businesses out there have a "no firearms" policy imposed by their insurance agency. I'm not going to do the work of calling every place I do business with to find out what their policy is.

    If a business has the "no guns" sign posted, or a published policy on their website, I'll take that into consideration (among other things) as I make my decision on whether or not to patronize them - and also whether or not to obey the sign!

    Important note: In some states the "no guns" sign has the force of law behind it, and can carry a fine and/or jail sentence. In other states, the sign does NOT have any force of law, and you're only breaking the company's policy. Before you disobey the "no guns" sign, be sure you know which is the case in your state.

    One example - on Sunday I went with family and friends to a Sox game at Fenway. I checked, and they have a "no gun" policy posted on their website. I checked a few other ballparks' websites, and this policy appears to be a nationwide policy of MLB. Does this mean I'll stop watching baseball? No. Does this mean I'll stop going to ballparks? No. Will I disobey their policy when I go to the ballpark? Probably not, because they can and do search you when you enter. Most likely I'll leave the firearm locked in my car in a lockbox.

    Just my $0.02 worth.
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