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    Went to Grapevine Mills Mall in Grapevine, Texas to Christmas shop with the family. To my surprise there was a 30.06 sign near the entrance. No concealed handguns permitted. What a shame as my family really wanted to buy gifts there. I plan to send the mall's management a letter with copies of our Christmas shopping receipts from a more gun friendly mall.

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    Was that at a mall entrance or a dept store entrance. My ccl intsructor told me that is the only mall in dfw you can't carry in. BUT......he also told me that the dept store entrances don't have the 30.06 sign on their doors, just the mall does on main entrances. He told me if I went through a dept store entrance I was good and if I happened to stroll into the main mall area I was not liable or in the wrong and the worst that they could do is ask me to leave....IF they knew I was carrying in the first place....the whole point of concealment. I haven't been out there since getting my license though so I don't know if they have posted on dept store doors, this is just what he told me back in March of this year, long drive for me but these days I refuse to go there because of that. I have 4 malls to choose from that closer. Good luck in the future man.
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    Thanks for the info, both of you. I was going to reply and say that it is good to know as I won't waste a trip up there, but if I need to go to one of the Department Stores for some reason, it is good to know I can...

  5. Sign at mall entrance

    The sign was at the mall entrance. It was on a wall next to the doors. It was a legit sign though. Thanks for the tip, I'll look at the department store doors if we visit again. But I don't plan to give business to the stores in the mall.

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