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    Thumbs down LabCorp

    Recently noticed a small 'No Firearms' sign with a handgun crossed out on it in their waiting room at their Auburn, NY location. Strangely enough I have been there while carrying concealed. Maybe I just didn't notice the sign? Anyway, not a 2A friendly place.

    LabCorp Website:
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  3. Ditto Delaware

    Joe J

  4. It seems like the management of most medical installations is anti-gun, even here in very pro-second-amendment Arizona. I have seen one lab that, although it has no sign out in front of the building or at the entrance (as required by law, if you want to prohibit weapons), has a little sign on the counter inside, after you have gone up the elevator and down the hall to get to their space. At that point you would either have to go all the way back out to the parking lot to leave your piece in your car, thus missing your appointment since they won't take you in if you're late, or just keep your mouth shut on the theory that what they don't know won't hurt them. Most hospitals prohibit weapons, and many doctors offices do as well. Others are not only okay with it, but very pro-defense. I once emptied a revolver and laid it down on top of my clothes after getting undressed. The Doctor scolded me - saying that an empty gun is absolutely useless and I should keep it loaded and under my own control!

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    Hey, all. Noticed the "ditto" from Delaware. I also visited the local Labcorp and missed the little red square amid all the other tidbits of information. I asked the lady at the desk if firearms were allowed. She replied that she thought not, and then said "But don't worry - you're OK." An interesting conversation followed as she drew my blood, into which we won't go, as it might identify her. Yes, the sign was there, at the bottom corner of the glass and no, I won't wear my Glock there next time I need labwork. They are the reason I bought a gunsafe for my Truck, $20. at BigLots with key. Fits the hump really nicely.

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    Labcorp here is in medical building that is posted, but that is redundant as guns are prohibited by law in medical facilities in SC. I guess it is a good thing if they really don't want guns in their building b/c the sign doesn't meet the state requirements for a "no guns" sign:-)
    I guess it serves as a reminder though.

  7. Sign request

    I had a collection of signs that I gave to places with no weapons signsbut my computer really messed up, and I had to reformat it and lost them all. Can anyone tell me where i can find any such signs? Much appreciated I made up one that declared the premises was a defense free zone, and the employees and customers had been disarmed for the convenience of the criminals. I drove up to the Tuesday Morning store at night and taped it on the window over their no weapons sign. I have often wondered how long it was before someone noticed it was not the normal sign.
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    I wear mine in to the buildings anyway - except for buildings with metal detectors, since they usually have armed guards. Someday, the circumstances could develop in these criminal safe zones that would demand action. I will not be caught without my firearm.

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    I ignore them in Florida if the individual cities and counties can't make and inforce there own gun laws, per state law, then the sign infront of toys r us doesn't mean a thing. Tampa is trying to get special permission to ban the during the Republican National Convention in August because they can't stop permit holder form carring with out getting fined. They can ban a water gun but not the real one.

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    I've seen that sign in the LabCorp office in Schodack too.

  11. In addition to having my labs drawn there recently (different state) and also working with them, yes, there was a big, ugly sign on the outside of the building that stated firearms were not allowed. Labcorp is a messed up company in more ways than their lame gun policies. Happily, I'm currently in a position to move about $100k of business monthly away from them to another lab. I was on the fence about it until now. That makes me very happy. :)

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