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  1. Culligan water no CCH allowed

    wichita, ks culligan water delivery drivers cover more area than the local pizza delivery guys. Regional deliveries and alone most of the time. Wichita pizza guys have had run-ins with thieves and muggers, one even deffended himself only to be fired. where is business common sense ??? Culligan can not gaurntee over-the-road drivers saftey !!!

  3. Sounds like the one who made up this rule, has never went or rode along, on a service call where a service tech was robbed, mugged ,or even harassed. Hmm!

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    do the delivery guys even have anything to do with money? i thought they just deliver to those who already paid? other than that, who's dumb enough to rob a water truck? (i know, someone obviously always is)

    either way, being a gun friendly employer will typically mean higher liability to the employer (read: higher insurance rates), i'm sure you'll have many more employees being ticked off that they have to pay higher premiums than you'll have ticked off that they can't carry.

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