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    Quote Originally Posted by johnknapp1962 View Post
    Just do what Moms Demand do. Load a cart with food and then leave it with a note that you would prefer to shop where your safe.

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    Charge the moms a 25% restocking fee plus the full price of perishables and banish them permanently.
    Put their photo-up instead of a sign. Persona non-grata. Troublemaker.

  4. No sign on the Whole Foods in my area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dmichalek View Post
    Also the Whole Foods in Deerfield, IL just posted the no CC sign. I had 2 kids watch me walk back to my car since I had to leave my pistol in the car due to the sign then tried to break into my car and steal my pistol. I had a feeling they were waiting for someone to go back to their car and store it the way they were watching everyone coming in. Lucky I went in and waited a min or two then came back out to check and foiled the break-in attempt.
    why would you store your pistol to give money to people who don't appreciate you? I would have either ignored the sign or just found another place to spend my money
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  6. We call it "Whole Paycheck." I rarely shop there since they took over our local organic market chain. They are the most egregious, anti-competitive, corporate litigious scum of the earth out there. That's before you consider their gun stance.

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    Fortunately no gun buster sign at the one across the street from us.
    Insert witty saying here.

  8. Our old one was posted but when they built the new building they forgot the sign Whole Foods Market

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    No gun, no money.

  10. My wife loved whole foods and they have the sign.. but she finally realized she can get everything cheaper across the street at the hyvee. Thank God.

  11. Those damn hippies made me nervous anyway

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