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Thread: Cheaper than dirt gouging customers

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    Found better deals elsewhere.

  3. I'm for Capitalism too, so I canceled my CTD emails and have avoided the website. There are very good web stores (Midway, Brownells, et.), so I shop there if I can't find it locally. CTD can charge any price they choose, and I can shop any place I choose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lowjiber View Post
    Dirt is pretty expensive these days.

    CTD has never been cheap IMHO.
    They were OK for their first 10 years, more or less, but now everybody sells for less. Even my local gun range, who isn't known for low prices.

  5. There are much better deals available from a host of other companies. Companies I believe that actually support the shooting sports and do it with a sense of integrity customer focused business principles. If you enjoy being screwed over, then by all means shop at CTD. I prefer to buy from companies that respect me and my business.

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