Cheaper than dirt gouging customers
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Thread: Cheaper than dirt gouging customers

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    Cheaper than dirt gouging customers

    Called Cheaper than dirt last night.
    After waiting about 10 minutes to speak to someone, I asked about 9mm ammo.
    Was told $65.00 plus for a box of 50.
    Went to academy sports and paid $14.06 including tax
    Will not do business with Cheaper than dirt.

    Military Man

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    Ya my local guy is just under $20 for 9mm and still just under $8 for 7.62x39 hollow point. I see most of the sights that have ammo are way over priced!

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    CTD is dead to many people in the gun world after the way they mishandled themselves after the CT tragedy. Many of us deleted them on FB, unsubscribed to their emails and I will never give them 1 cent worth of business

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    You ever heard the old army saying, they crapped in their mess kit? Won't ever give them another dime.....

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    Not really wanting to revive a old post.. BUT.. I was doing some cleaning out of some stuff and found a CDT mailed advertisement from June 2012...

    Prices for Tul Ammo June 2012 9mm 50rd box..
    June 2012 = $9.29...
    June 2013 = $39.59...

    9mm 124g
    June 2012 = $11.89
    June 2013 = $49.59

    American Eagle 50rd 9mm 115grain
    June 2012 = $14.12
    June 2013 = $59.59

    These are a few examples I could find - most of the stuff is OUT OF STOCK ofcourse.. and I wont bother trying to price other types of ammo, like .223 which is either at or above $1 dollar a round on CDT.. (not including shipping)

    MidwayUSA which also sells ammo online has Tul ammo priced at 11.99 a box 9mm/50r (out of stock ofcourse) June 2013..
    Soo yeh.. CDT doesn't deserve any money from honest law abiding gun owners..

  7. Hope they enjoy the potential short rem profits as the future could get real tough...

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    Dirt is pretty expensive these days.

    CTD has never been cheap IMHO.
    G'Day and G'lock

  9. Well thanks for sharing this information on business against firearms. I have surely get a chance to explore the valuable details.

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    I used to be a frequent buyer from ctd. They have went downhill fast. I don't even shop there anymore.

  11. While I understand the sentiments of this thread, I also believe strongly in capitalism. if they wish to do this to customers, its up to the customers to decide if they will accept it.

    Personally I have shopped little with them in the past as I have seldom found them to offer bargains (though they do sometimes have closeouts at decent prices) and if I can't find a good deal I will just get it locally if I can find it locally.

    Comparing prices across the years is useless IMHO as it ignores the increased in production costs such as energy cost and labor cost increases so lets be real in our comparisons. Meanwhile, I have casting to do...

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