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Thread: Outrage of the Week: New App Targets Gun Owners

  1. Several folks have recommended downloading the app and marking every person, place or thing on the planet. If the goal is to render the app useless, this will certainly work if enough people do it. I would recommend one change to this plan. So as to not mark someone else who is pro-gun/pro-self-defense/pro-freedom (which serves the purposes of the anti-gun zealots pushing this app), be a little judicious in who or what you mark. Mark the AMC theater or other commercial enterprise that prohibits carry on the premises, or the public library, or post office, or (as one person already noted) the local police station. But don't mark your neighbor who actually owns a gun or the local restaurant that allows concealed carry on the premises.

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    FWIW there is also a pro-gun app called SafeToCarry that does just the opposite. high lighting pro rtba businesses

  4. I wonder if the app's intent was to mark all the homes of gays or minorities or any other random criteria that's perfectly legal if it would allowed by Google.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fearhd View Post
    This is sickening, I might load this APP just to see if any of my liberal anti-gun neighbors tagged me on it
    Tag em back.
    Tolerance of the intolerant leads to the destruction of tolerance. “You are also reminded that any inappropriate remarks or jokes concerning security may result in your arrest,” in the land of the free.

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    Problem with my cul-de-sac is everyone is gun owner, not that this is a problem.

  7. the app has been shut down. it's not only being offered in "demo mode" that demonstrates how it WOULD have worked had it not been shut down. They heard us loud and clear!

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    A North Carolina TV station late last year put up a map of conceal carry residences. It got people mad enough that the law was changed, and such apps, etc are now illegal here. If they're including this state in that stupid app, they'd best reconsider, because it's now jail time for such!


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    Based on the app description, it was described as an experiment to portray gun owners as paranoid. Some of the feedback pretty unsophisticated, which is sad.

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