D1ck's getting back into AR's - through the back door....
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Thread: D1ck's getting back into AR's - through the back door....

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    D1ck's getting back into AR's - through the back door....

    D1ck's is getting back into AR's, but not by bringing them back into their own stores. On Aug. 16, D1ck's will open the new Field and Stream Specialty store in Cranberry, PA. The store is designed to go head-to-head with Cabela's and Gander Mountain. Among the brands they will carry? Troy AR's - the same brand they threw under the bus after Sandy Hook.

    Apparently D1ck's is hoping that you won't make the connection between D1ck's and Field and Stream. Somehow, though, I have a feeling that when the gun owning public, especially those whose AR orders were cancelled, gets word of this, their new brand may not be as successful as they might hope.

    D1ck?s to Open Field & Stream Gun Stores, Complete With AR-15 Rifles | The Firearm Blog

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    I handed the manager at our D1ck's my shredded D1ck's Scorecard. Told him why I had shredded it and I then walked out of the store and have never been back.
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    The store is dead to me. Never will they see another dime from me ever again. You either stand for what you believe in or you don't, but you sure don't change your beliefs when the political winds blow.
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    D1ck's getting back into AR's - through the back door....

    Been to d!cks twice when I lived in Michigan. Hated it back then. Never saw a reason to go back in when they started spreading West. I'll sticks with cabelas and Sportsman's warehouse.

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    So you can't even post the word DICKS here? Let me try that right now...

    Dicks annoyed me twice now, first the thing about them panicking about ARs and then they stopped selling to non-citizens. Hello, what about legal resident aliens, have you never heard there are people here legally??
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    I stopped patronizing them when they went politically correct. I just happened to look at their paper insert this past weekend. Not on ad about guns or ammo.
    As far as I am concerned they are a store that sells trendy workout clothing for the modern yuppie.
    I heard Cabella's is opening in Buffalo. That will be great. See ya ****'s. I hope your mark up is high on those 200 jogging shoes.
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    There is a ****'s Sporting Goods near my home and I used to love going in there and looking around even when I didn't buy anything. Have not set foot in there since they caved to the antis.

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    ****'s Has always been a last resort place for me. But then again I don't fish, hunt, camp,
    jog, swim, climb, hike, canoe, etc., etc.,etc.
    Last time I was in there, ( they had shotgun shells for cheap ), you could roll a bowling ball
    down the isle & not hit anyone.
    They can lock the doors for all I care.

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    I rarely buy anything from Dicks, plus I don't even bother to read their ads anymore. Their ads are basically deceptive, because if you read the "extremely" fine print, the HUGE Percentage off discounts don't apply to anything you'd really want to purchase. They exclude all the decent brands and as a result, I can find what I need cheaper somewhere else. The only time I actually buy is on the odd chance that they have an item I want, clearly identified in an ad at a decent price.... but even then, there are 'exceptions'.

    Last time I tried to actually buy from Dicks, I got an email flier which had a super price on a kayak. I went to the store to see if I could look at it before purchase. When the associate couldn't find it in the store or in their computer, he called a manager over....who said it was an 'online only' item, and they can't get it in the store, nor could it be shipped to the store. Here's the catch.... that great price did not include shipping of $150.00, which actually made it MORE expensive than I could find the same kayak elsewhere.

    As for guns, I prefer to go to places I know are more knowledgeable than the 'clerks' at Dicks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrs View Post
    As for guns, I prefer to go to places I know are more knowledgeable than the 'clerks' at Dicks.
    The gun counter guys at places like dicks and big 5 remind me of the 18 year old corner store clerk who's never smoked. When you ask for Marb reds they just kinda wave their finger at the cigarette rack until you point them out. They know more about paintball than real guns.

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