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Thread: The Ross Management Group, which manages the Oakwood Apartments

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    I don't think they can do that retroactively. That's a bait and switch tactic. In NYC they have rent controlled apartment buildings where the owner/landlord may not raise the rent on the tenant that lives in the building above a minimal fixed amount until that tenant either moves or dies. Once that happens the landlord has the right to charge free market rates but as long as the tenant occupies the apartment they are prohibited from changing the rent. If the lease he signed doesn't prohibit firearms, the landowner can't enforce the new rule until he moves out and they get a new tenant.
    Most people sign 12 month leases these days. It's pretty easy to wait until the lease is up and say give em up or go. I moved apartments every year for 4 years because every time we found something we could afford, at then end of the lease they'd want to raise the $200. Fck that, I have no problem leaving. Cheaper to rent a UHAUL and gtfo.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by BC1 View Post
    They're protected under the civil rights act.
    Is it the baker that's protected by the civil rights act, or is it the couple?

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