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    Quote Originally Posted by nathanwriter View Post
    If a weapon is properly concealed, how would anyone come to ask for a permit? Do they approach every shopper?
    And who the hell cares if they do? I call that a N.O.Y.B. issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackhawk67 View Post
    Private security have no arrest powers they have to call local police to have you arrested.
    Blanket statements like that are not helpful, especially when they're completely incorrect. Every citizen has the right to a citizen's arrest. This naturally applies to security as well. Citizen's arrest laws vary from state to state, but in the majority of them they require the citizen to have either personally witnessed the commission of a felony, or a breach of the peace, such as an assault. I work in security in WA and have made several arrests in my life.

  4. Tanglewood Mall is featured on a website "Dead Malls".

    Here's the url - //deadmalls.com/malls/tanglewood_mall.html just add the usual http: at the beginning.

    It is indeed a ghost town, and chasing away customers as well as businesses seems to be their thing.

    Concur with the other folks who have stated that a properly concealed weapon shouldn't attract attention.

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