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    I recently took a course from K.R.A.F.T (nra certified instructors) and they were looking at ways to increase their business. I suggested that they try running a groupon. The owner told me they tried that but groupon would not run the groupon because it was for a gun course (wouldn't want people to learn how to safely handle weapons would you?) I actually have stopped using groupon for that reason.

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    That is a lie unless Groupon changed its mind. Because I got a 50% off groupon for the Utah CCW permit class last year on groupon.

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    First off, its very rude to call someone a liar when your information is over a year old. Just because your groupon did it in the past does not mean all groupon's do, nor that yours will do it now. This was a result of Sandy Hook if I had to guess.

    Gun Shop Owner Calls for Groupon Boycott After Firearm Deals Dropped | Fox Small Business Center
    Groupon suspends gun deals - Jan. 22, 2013

    Groupon has suspended all gun-related daily deals. The move will please those calling on Groupon to change its policies, but at least one gun shop owner is livid about his deal being canceled midway through.

    Now that being said I do see a few comments that the ban has been lifted in 'certain' cities but no mention of what these cities are.

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    I have seen a "Living Social" deal offered in the Pittsburgh, PA area for defensive/handgun training.

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    Groupon may have changed there policy but, I know for a fact that they used of offer gun range/gun related groupons. I received a groupon as a gift and there were a least two gun ranges in the Metro Detroit area that were listed as places to use your coupon. I did not use my groupon at any of those ranges because I did not like the way the deal was setup. Groupon as a company may take a stand against gun related deals and that is there right. It is my right not to waste any of my time, energy or money with them. So I won't. I never had any real success with any of coupon booklets anyway.

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