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Thread: Skyview Atlanta Ferris Wheel not CCW friendly

  1. I was in Atlanta in 1986 took the greyhound from FT Gordon in route to Ft Riley. I missed the connection to the Airport, but was lucky as I went to high school with the girl behind the counter. She informed me I could catch a bus to the airport at the hotel across the street, but that I would be better off only taking one bag at a time as it was a rough area. Sure enough the second I exited the door I was approached by three people wanting money. I did get a laugh out of the guy who said he was new their and could use some help. I said buddy I just got off the bus, make me newer how about you help me out.

  3. I had a flat tire on Techwood Dr. a couple blocks from the Wheel. I had kids in my car. I will NEVER go back in that area without conceal. Period. I guess the kids will have to wait until they are old enough to go on their own.

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