Cabela's prohibits employee carry...
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    Cabela's prohibits employee carry...

    Here is the link to a petition asking Cabela's to rescind their policy prohibiting employee firearms carry:

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    Only 5 signatures to date?
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  4. Is there any link to show that the whole system has a no carry by employees policy?
    I have seen many posts claiming that xyz corporation is anti-gun, based on an isolated incident in a single outlet, when in truth the named corporation has no such policy.

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    Is there any major retail chain that does allow their employees to carry at work? None that I am aware of.
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    I think most "big box" fire arms stores like Cabela's , ****'s, and Gander Mountain, probably prohibit employee's from carrying, don't they?
    Not so with independently owned gun shops.

  7. Doesn't make any difference what Cabela's wants, they have been bought out by Bass Pro Shops.
    Florida Gun Exchange, all employees carry a firearm in a holster, very visible.

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    At the Cabela's in Michigan where we stopped a few years ago, the gun department clerks were open carrying.

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