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    There is power in number !!!

    I agree with all the above , if your not a member ***** some place else ! But it is use as a citizen and do the fighting also !

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerry25403 View Post
    Problem is, when they support candidates like Harry Reid for reelection, makes you wonder what they really support.
    Well, I am a NRA member, and I agree with most of what they do for gun owners. Notice I said most. They probably supported Reid because, in 2009 I believe, Reid helped get the funding for one of the largest gun ranges in the area where he is from. The NRA was there when Reid "cut the ribbon" in the opening ceremonies. It was in one of my past issues of American Rifleman. Believe me though, I am no Harry Reid fan myself.

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    The NRA, like any large political organization, will support the people that will push their cause. Politicians for the most part will go where the money is. If they have to step off the reservation now and then, well that's part of the game. Don't forget most politicians are lawyers and most lawyers have no morals or convictions. They will sell you down the river for the right money.
    "You can get a lot accomplished if you don't care who gets the credit" - Ronald Reagan

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    I am a Life Member of the NRA and damned proud of it! The NRA is the only full time Pro 2A lobbying Organization, bar none!!! Neither the GOA or any other gun organization hold a candle to them. They take a bad rap every election simply because they don't endorse candidates because of their political party affiliations, but rather by their stance on 2A rights. That seems to tee some folks off, I know I wasn't pleased with Wayne LaPerrier being buddy-buddy with Harry Reid either...
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    I did not make it clear in my earlier post that I am a NRA Life Member (Endowment) and have been for years. The 2nd Amendment does not exist in a vacuum, and for the NRA to support Reid just because he claims to be in favor of firearms, while he tromps all over the rest of the Constitution, is lunacy.

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