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    Great now my wife has ammo to use agest me to get me into mens wearhouse. She has been on me for years to go there. Thank you for the info , i needs some new slacks now i know where to go.

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    I am out of work now but when I do need a new suit I will go to the MW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by obxfshr View Post
    Similar experience in a MW here in Virginia. I also shop at Jos A Bank, does anyone have any experience with them.
    No idea regarding CCW but I can tell you that I had a Jos A Bank suit get holes in it after less than a year. In fairness I can't say for sure what happened to it though, although I seldom wear a suit.

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    I have replaced my transmission mount, but still get that knocking noise when i take off from a dead stop it use to do it way worse though. I looked under my truck and i could see a lil trans mission residue as if the yolk on the drive shaft was coming out. Let me know if this has happened to u and how i can maybe fix it.

  6. Awesome, good excuse to go find one in San Antonio and buy a new suit :)

  7. That is +1 for MW. Thus far only one place I went to didn't allow weapons unless you were law enforcing. Ironically it was a Mall, and I can't help but wonder what the Hell the owner is thanking.

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    Thanks for the great post

  9. Thank you for this post. I have been a customer of them for awhile and have been wondering about this. Every time I go there I have left my gun in the car because to try on and get fitted for suits it may get akward. This will help a lot. I appreciate it.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by G50AE View Post
    I have always been a fan of Adam and Eve for toys.
    LoL! +1 to that.
    "Guns are for defending your life not for defending your pride."

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    I wonder if they can help with Ccw tux rental.. Except I'm in wa

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