I know the NRA
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Thread: I know the NRA

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    I know the NRA

    But i know almost nothing about the Gun Owners of America and the National Association for Gun Rights. Are these organizations what they claim to be?

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    I don't know how effective these organizations are. But I decided long ago that the NRA does a good job (of course I don't agree with everything they do, but who does agree with anyone 100%?). They (NRA) do such a good job that I do not dilute my contributions to them be also donating to these unknown entities.

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    And another group is

    Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

    Thanks John. I think I'm leaning in the same direction you do.

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    I'm glad there are many specific gun organizations other than the NRA. But when I think about my limited funds, I put all my eggs in one basket and vote for the NRA. They are national, they are grassroots, and whenever any gun issue arises anywhere in the U.S. you know about it immediately. And the NRA tells you who to contact and even gives us sample letters to use in our reply. My license plate tells everybody where I stand...
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    The NRA certainly has done a lot of good work, no doubt. Some hardliners criticize them for making compromises or going along with some things. I consider it a side effect of being such a large organization ... I do have mixed feelings about it myself.

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    Well, I don't intend on letting my membership to the NRA expire. I am sure that there are some other organizations out there that do a good job too, but I don't spend much time researching that. I'll just stick with the NRA for now myself.

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    Pink Pistols is another good organization. They promote gunownership among groups that have been traditionaly been ignored by the second amendment community. This IMHO is a great thing, more gunowners means more people concerned about gunrights.

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    No matter what group you decide to join, GET INVOLVED, I've been a member of the NRA for several years and although I don't agree all the time . I believe they make the most noise..

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    I was a member of NRA/ILA. My dues were paid up to 2014. Several years ago I ran into trouble getting my ccw. I contacted them expecting to get some help. They acted as if I didn't exist! I can speak from experience, the NRA does not care about it's individual members. Give them your money if you like, but they will not be getting any more of mine!

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    If anyone that joins them thinks they will help with personal legal issues they are goofy...
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