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    That's true, why ask. Well after a week of being able to carry and not gettin shot by PD because of TV controled sheeple, I should be good. Each day I gain more confidence. Kinda like riding a bike for the first time ha
    Whew, thats a relief. Ruby tuesdays is my favorite, they have the best salad bar anywhere, and good steak too
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    this is a good thing to know...I will be giving more business to Ruby T-days!

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    Eat there the other night. Can't carry there though due to SC law restricting restaurant carry. And the service sucked BTW.

  5. Yeah SC is tough on such things (any establishment that serves alcohol) maybe the state will pass a idea like Ohio soon. I'm rooting for that.

  6. Funny you should mention them. A couple of their restaurants in Maryland were robbed recently. I suspect they would have appreciated a good guy with a firearm, but getting a permit there is borderline impossible unless you are politically connected.


  7. Yep. Maryland is a beautiful state but I won't go back.

  8. Louisiana restricts carry in resturants so Ruby Tuesday is still off the list here.
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    Thanks for the great post

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Irishman View Post
    Thanks for the great post
    Not a problem, I try my best.

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    That is good to know, Ruby Tuesday's does have a good menu. But here in Vermont, Since we don't have very many LAWs that prevent the honest law abiding citizen from CC/OC. I will go about my business armed and carefree.

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