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    Dairy Queen's, West Bend, WI

    Hi everyone, I have been on the site for a few months now. I am pretty new to carrying, but wanted to let everyone know that I own 2 Dairy Queen's In West Bend, Wi, and we allow carrying in our two restaurants, and from speaking to most other DQ owners in my general area, they are welcoming carriers into their establishments also. If your ever in the area stop by and say Hello! Before getting my permit I open carried, as it was the only option available to me and have never had a problem with any place that I have gone to in West Bend. Thanks everyone!

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    Cool CC at DQ

    We very well may stop in on our next Milwaukee trip. What are the locations of your stores, and where do hang out the most?
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    We have 2 locations in West Bend. One is 1200 S. Main st. The other is 501 Wildwood Rd. I am at both stores multiple times a day, so u could just ask for Dan.

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    Good to hear wish there were more business owners like you.

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    If I lived around there I'd be a frequent customer. Good man!

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    Thank you Information, and allowing Concealed Carry in your estabilshmemt.
    I will add your Store to my list of Gun Friendly Business.

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    Your brand of DQ rocks! If i was still driving up there I'd stop in and fill up on a double brownie sundae!
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  9. Thanks, I'll keep you in mind, if I swing through your area.
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