AutoZone Fires Employee That Stops Armed Robber with His Own Gun
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Thread: AutoZone Fires Employee That Stops Armed Robber with His Own Gun

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    AutoZone Fires Employee That Stops Armed Robber with His Own Gun

    Here's a good one that should be put on 'The List'--- I know I won't be going back there due to their corporate policy

    AutoZone employee fired after taking action against ?Fake Beard Bandit? | ? Hampton Roads News & Weather from WTKR Television Newschannel 3
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    Be sure and email them with your comments: | Contact Us

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    I sent them a message telling them I would not shop there and the no gun policy says, "Please rob me!"

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    Hopefully a gun friendly local business owner will give this guy a job.
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    FWIW, I'll do the same. That's just wrong.

  7. I recently quit my job at AutoZone. This story demonstrates one of the reasons why I quit. They just don't seem to care about their employees. I heard about several robberies at other AutoZones that usually happened around closing time. We have also had several robberies lately in my area. Therefore, whenever I worked a closing shift, I would carry my concealed carry handgun (I do have my CPL). I think the guy in the story put it very well, “If I can save somebody’s life, I put that way above a store policy, says McClean." I would be glad to lose my job if it meant saving my or someone elses life.

  8. AutoZone Fires Employee That Stops Armed Robber with His Own Gun

    I'm done with autozone, won't buy another thing from them

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    I never did buy things from them. Their gunbuster sign said FU pretty loud and clear so I took my money elsewhere.

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    Shouldn't this be in the "Businesses AGAINST...." section?

    My shadow will not cross an Autozone threshold ever again. Of course, once the same thing happens in a Checker, a NAPA, an O'Reilly... where will I get parts?

    Welcome to corporate America, where workers are just a resource. Really, when did the Personnel departments become Human Resources departments? That should have told you something.

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    This is just another case of dirt bag criminals that have nothing to lose vs. hard working citizens that have everything to lose. I work for a major retailer and the same would happen to me if I did what he did. I hope he finds work soon- hopefully with a competitor.

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