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Thread: WTS Crossbreed Supertuck for Taurus 24/7

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    Crossbreed Supertuck for Taurus 24/7 or OSS (MO)

    Almost new Crossbreed Super Tuck IWB holster for sale. Made for Taurus 24/7 and OSS pistols (Will also fit the new 800 series). I used it for the compact DS and it fit like a glove. Ride height and cant is adjustable. Comfortable to wear and retained the gun very well - I never had the gun fall out regardless of what I was doing. The only reason it is for sale is because I have sold the Taurus and it doesn't fit my new gun. Worn maybe a dozen times I did have it modified by a leatherworker friend of mine to what they (Crossbreed) calls a 'combat cut' because it was difficult to get my hand closed on the grip with the extra leather on there. This is a $7.50 option if you buy one new. Retails for $65-$70 new with a 2-3 week wait. Get this one now for $50 plus $10 Priority mail (insurance included) or $50 PPD 1st class mail.

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    The pictures are also in an album on my profile if you want to see them larger :) Thanks for looking!

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    It wasn't mentioned in your original post so I'll go ahead and ask as many may want to know as well. Why are you selling? Did you trade in the Taurus for something else? I'm not interested in buying, just curious...

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    Actually I did mention selling the gun...."The only reason it is for sale is because I have sold the Taurus and it doesn't fit my new gun."

    I traded it in for a 1911 - the 24/7 .40 had way too much muzzle flip for me. Otherwise it was a great little gun - easy to carry concealed in this holster and I loved how well and comfortably it fit my hand (which can be an issue sometimes for us gals)

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    Holster has been sold - thanks to all who inquired!

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