WTS S&W SW9VE 9mm AZ residents Only
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Thread: S&W SW9VE 9mm AZ residents Only

  1. S&W SW9VE 9mm AZ residents Only

    I have a Smith Wesson 9mm Model SW9VE Pistol up for sale. It has less than 4,000 rounds through it, and it was good condition. AZ resident must have a valid pistol permit, and requires a FFL dealer paperwork.

    Smith Wesson 9mm SW9VE Pistol, Hard Case, and 2 Magazine, include Inside Waist Band of TT Gunleather Holster (Reinforced mouth IWB Holster "Mikes Special") and free extra 2 Magazine.
    I am asking $300.00. Please PM me, thank you.

    Model Smith Wesson SW9VE 9mm:

    * Polymer Frame
    * Stainless Steel Slide and Barrel
    * Equpment Rail for Tactical Lights
    * Low Profile Three Dot Sights
    * Matte Finish on Slide for Reduced Glare

    The Sigma Series is an ergonomically designed production pistol. Engineers utilizing computer analysis designed the Sigma's 18 degree grip so that the moment you raise it, your point of aim is straight, every time. Aiming a Sigma is as natural as pointing your finger.
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    Pistol Permit

    Quote Originally Posted by RRGlock23 View Post
    AZ resident must have a valid pistol permit
    There is no such thing as a "pistol permit" in AZ.

    I think every state should secede from Washington, DC, then we'll have them surrounded.

  4. Are you interested to buying my firearm smith wesson?

    without permit, Unless if you are not felony posses the firearm. We can do paperwork with FFL at the Gun shop.
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