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Thread: My S&W SW40VE for a smaller CCW Gun

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    Quote Originally Posted by 901-Memphis View Post
    The firearm has been returned to stock. I only kept it that way for 1 range trip then returned the spring. The spring is extra though it does not effect trigger reset, its just overkill to have that spring in there. Being that i do carry it though i see it as a plus to have the heaviest trigger pull possible.

    Its not really for sale anymore either, it has grown on me and proven reliable in all my range trips.
    I don't blame you, I wish I still had mine. Am thinking on going to Gander Mountain and putting one on layaway again. For the money, it was an excellent shooter!

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    Ya and i got my sigma at budsgunshop when it was only $299 + tax. I didn't even have to pay an FFL i just picked it up in person.

    A lot of people love this gun and paid closer to $500 for theirs

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