WTS/WTT My S&W SW40VE for a smaller CCW Gun
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Thread: My S&W SW40VE for a smaller CCW Gun

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    [NLS] [SOLD] NO Longer Selling - S&W SW40VE

    Just bought a S&W Sigma SW40VE , i like it a lot, but its really too big for conceal carry. Want to trade or sell it for something else. I have 2 of the 14 round magazines and the original receipt and case. Think i fired approx 70 rounds through it and its pretty much new.

    Would like to get a Ruger LCP for it.

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    140 rounds through it now. I removed one of the 2 springs in the striker fire assembly, the very small one to lighten the trigger pull and tested it today to make sure it fires good and its worlds better. Trigger is lighter and seems to break cleaner, and no FTF or anything wrong with it today at the range.

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    Waiting on my 2 new 14 round magazines to be shipped from the mail in rebate center, just saw them pop up today on the list that it was approved.

    Also it has a new NC Star Tactical CR123A led light with quick release mounted to a rail adapter.

    All of this will come with the gun if anyone wants it.

    So it would include the 4 x 14 round magazines, the almost new gun and the tactical flashlight + rail adapter. I also have the case and could ship the ammo separate i believe. Got 20 rounds of Speer Gold Dot HP and 50 rounds of Winchester Range Target White box left.

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    I will trade you my Iver Johnson Sportsman POS 22LR, and 22 Mag. I don't know where the LR cylinder is.


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    I am hoping that is a joke, since i need a better conceal carry gun. This one works fine, but when it gets hotter outside it will be more difficult to conceal it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 901-Memphis View Post
    I am hoping that is a joke, since i need a better conceal carry gun. This one works fine, but when it gets hotter outside it will be more difficult to conceal it.
    wish you luck on your sale.

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    You would be best off putting gun back to stock befor selling. Mods done to gun could come back to haunt you, especially being posted on any web sight. The spring you removed is from the "sear assembly" not the "striker assembly", this can interfere with trigger reset. Not a good idea on a carry gun.
    See if you can rent a LCP at your local range. I don't think you will like it. I think it has a crappy trigger, useless sights and has a kick due to light weight. I like Rugers but look at the LCP as their red headed step child.
    If you want a .380 look at the Bersa. For carry concider +P hollow points due to smaller caliber.

    Good Luck...

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    The firearm has been returned to stock. I only kept it that way for 1 range trip then returned the spring. The spring is extra though it does not effect trigger reset, its just overkill to have that spring in there. Being that i do carry it though i see it as a plus to have the heaviest trigger pull possible.

    Its not really for sale anymore either, it has grown on me and proven reliable in all my range trips.

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    have you tried to conceal carry in the small of your back?
    I have a Sigma 40ve as well and find it ok to carry there. I use a left handed IWB Blackhawk #6 and cross draw with my right hand. I also use a SmartCarry holster when I wear sweats.
    I'm 5'9 and I find these 2 very comfortable, my wife is 5'4" and my sigma is huge for her. She's debating between an LCP with Crimson or a S&W Bodyguard .380
    I don't know what your build is so I can't say, but the Blackhawk holster is very inexpensive. Might be worth a try until you get a sale.

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    I carry on my right side IWB with a supertuck. I have a large build and its not too bad. I have no plans on selling the firearm as of now.

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