I have a VERY nice Vepr K in 7.62X39 that I took on trade. Located in Omaha, NE. The weapon is in near 100% condition and comes with the following:

5 20 round Tapco magazines (brand new, never loaded)
1 20 round Milsurp magazine
5 30 round Tapco magazines (loaded 3-4 times, 1 brand new)
1 30 round polymer no-name magazine
Approximately 1500 rounds target-grade 7.62X39 ammo
Generic single point sling
6 Magpul magazine assist pulls

Primarily interested in FTF trades for a good quality M4 carbine in 5.56 NATO. Not really looking for anything that has a bunch of lights, lasers or magnified optics. Prefer lightweight setup with adjustable stock.

Asking $1350 for the complete package or trade for similar value package as described above.