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    WTB 351 Win Ammo

    I have my Grandfathers 1907 351 Winchester, self loader and no ammo. would like to buy some to shoot and eventually have to go with the gun when I decide to sell it. Also clips, parts anything you may have. thanks Destin FL, Vet, Carry Permit, Frank

    I did reply to the only thread in the forum on this, any others have some of this ammo?

    Need Magizines and ammo!!
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  3. I don't have any info on ammo or parts, but just wanted to tell you what a cool piece of history you have. I don't know much about the background of the firearm, but the 351 WL Self Loading played a prominent role in the movie Public Enemies. Apparently it was a favorite of law enforcement and hunters at the time :)

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    Yes I knew that. My Grandfater knew the Dawson gang and hunted with them, he also rode a horse(I used to have the saddle holster) and shot Buffalo behind the head and dropped them in their tracks with this particular gun.
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    George Nonte's book says that you can easily make the brass out of 357 Mag cases.

    Here is a place you can buy the ammo:

    Obsolete Rifle Ammo

    Hope this helps,

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    Just ordered a box from Buffalo arms for $35, best price I have seen. If you have this ammo and your price is fair I would be a buyer. Thanks Frank
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