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Thread: Lucid HD7 Red Dot With Magnifier

  1. Lucid HD7 Red Dot With Magnifier

    Hi From The Frozen Tundra of MN

    We Just got 35 Lucid HD-7 Red Dot optics in a few days ago. Before we toss em on our Site. We thought we'd offer some up here. We are pricing em out at 210 with a 2X Screw in Magnifier. We Charge 6 bucks for shipping. Specs Below

    # Frame: Cast Aluminum
    # (2) Modes of reticle brightness operation
    # (Manual & Auto-Brightness)
    # 100% Waterproof, Fog proof & Shockproof
    # Fully Rubberized Armor
    # 1x Parallax free
    # Available 2x (screw in eyepiece)
    # Weight: 13oz
    # Battery: (1) AAA (Not Included)
    # Aprox. 1000 hours Battery life
    # Auto Shut off Function (after 2 hours)
    # Picatinny Rail mount (Built in)
    # Lower 1/3 co-witness
    # Adj. Click Value: 1/2 MOA
    # Variable Reticle Style (4 options)
    # Warranty: Limited Lifetime

    Shoot us a PM if you wanna know more ..or you wanna Order
    LEO's only we do have a T&E program

    Thanks, The SimpleSurvival Team

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    Do you have a local store?
    or Price?


  4. HD7's

    Nope We're a Net only company. And we ask 210.00 for the HD7 with the 2x screw in Magnifier.

  5. I am probably interested. What is the URL of your website?

    Also, is it the 2nd Generation Lucid HD7?

    So, $216 with shipping and the magnifier?

    What type of shipping?

    Thank you, sir.

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