WTB opinion about the berretta 90two
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Thread: opinion about the berretta 90two

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    opinion about the berretta 90two

    im thinking about buying the 90two and was wondering if anyone had any opinions about the handgun and whats the best configuration would you suggest
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    I don't. But after reading about the 92, if I ever buy another hand gun, that will be the one. I wasn't aware of the 90two, but it's intriguing. Thanks for the tip, worth investigating. Beretta 90two - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and now that you brought it up Im interested in hearing YOUR thoughts. Don't mean to hijack your thread, but these are both really cool pieces.
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    If I am reading the thread title correctly, you are wanting to buy (WTB) my opinion on the 90two? I am more than willing to sell that to you, but I'll need the money up front.

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    a couple of things.

    Are you going to be carrying the Beretta 90two for conceal carry. If so have you tried to conceal it and carry it for a complete day.

    the gun is a really good gun, but it is a heavy one, it is also long and the bulk is hard to conceal.

    if it is a home defense or a car gun, range gun. it will serve you well.

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    Well, I have Taurus' copy of the 92, and assuming the inner workings are still similar between all the different 92 and 90two weapons, you'll not be going wrong :)

    They are kinda heavy, but at the same time, that helps make them nice to shoot (very manageable recoil)

    I liked how the 90two was available in the 9x21 and .40 as well.
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    opinion on the berretta 90two

    when i was in the army i carried the 92 the military version and it was on my side on my hip all the time and i haven't personally had the chance to get a hands on experience with the hand gun but i would love to that's why i asked what everyone else thought of it before i went out and thought about buying the handgun
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    Beretta Opinion

    I have yet to handle the 90-Two, but from what I have read it is an updated 92. I have owned a 92FS since before the Brady Bill. First day at the range I ran 1000 rounds through it, no hiccups no burps. It is the same today as it was then plus an action job. 100% reliable and accurate. After approximately 10,000 rounds, still no issues. As a carry weapon it is not my favorite but I have.

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