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    I am looking for a used, but in good shape, cell pal holster for right hand draw.
    I know what people say about them, but I have tried a ton of IWB and they are very uncomfortable. If you have one for sale, please email [email protected]. Thanks, Rick

  3. I sold one last week. Just like an IWB holster, this one didn't work for me either. It's a great idea......it just doesn't work. It was not comfortable when sitting down and a huge bulge was evident when standing. I bought it for $45 and sold it for $45. Good riddance. I'll be sticking to OWB and ankle holsters from now on.

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    E-Mail sent.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by MikePapa1 View Post
    E-Mail sent.
    to where?

    sending pm to you.

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    I emailed the OP that I had one to sell him. He'd already picked one up on eBay.

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