This Phone is a GSP1700 Satellite Phone from Qualcom runs on the Globalstar Satellite Network will sell for $400 + Ship or trade it for items worth $500 very little use about 65min.. Looks and works like new even has plastic on the display!

You Get The Phone, Charger, Book, & Box Top With The Phone Data,

The service costs about $35.00 a mo for an unlimited plan. They are running a $19.99 Special until 12/31/10. This makes a cheap emergency phone for for hiking, boating or hunting or other emergency communications where cell service is non existent. " I used it for an emergency phone in my flight bag" its better then not having anything. This Phone Will Not Work Indoors or Under a Solid Roof must have sight to the sky cloud cover is ok!!

I have an Iridium so this one goes!

Phone is in good standing and has a clean ESN.

$400.00 Cash/Moneyorder or $500 Trade Value Modern Firearms, AK-47 Romanian MD63/65 Underfolder Parts Kits, Etc. I am open to other offers as well...

Best to Call or Txt me at (Five ZERO Three) 475-3347 if you have any questions. I am In Vancouver, WA

Phone is Grey, AK Receiver Not Included Visual For Size!!!