I have a small ballistic shield from Centurion Ballistic Shield Co. It is a Level IIA (9mm-.40cal) shield and is clip board sized and intended for patrolman use. It has a padded aluminium handle on the back, a clipboard clip on the front and a couple decals. I have a brochure from the company too, though they are no longer in business. I am looking to trade or sell this for $200

I also have a much larger one that is also fully clear, ~3'x2'. But it is in storage in MA and I am in VT. If there is any interest I will go get it some time.

Things I am looking for:
Delorme GPS (PN60 or 40)
Petzel vertex vent helmet (BLACK)
AT ski boots (sz 28-29)
AT ski bindings
AT skins 100mm
VERIZON Blackberry Bold, Storm or Torch

Any other outdoor gear you may want to trade.