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    So I've decided I want to buy a couple new things, to do so I'm going to sell off some extra tactical nylon gear I have. Paypal only PM me or email at my signature.

    Belt mounted AR-15 mag carrier.
    This belt carrier has a plastic pressure clamp that will allow you to carry one mag in each pocket or if you remove the clamp two mags solid. It's very configurable. It has Velcro top straps that can be used, tucked away or removed for open top carry. $25 CONUS

    Drop leg AR-15 mag pouch.
    Very adjustable, very tough and in very good shape. Will hold 4 mags total, metal of polymer mags. $30 CONUS

    Skinny Pouch dropped leg rig. It'll hold MP5 mags, I've got 15 round 1911 mags it holds and probably anything else you can think of. Very adjustable, very tough and in very good shape. I have 2 of these. $20 CONUS

    Sniper or Shotgunner drop leg pouch. This pouch is pretty neat. I'll hold most shotgun round and also a 5.56 or .308 rounds. Very adjustable, very tough and in very good shape. $20 CONUS

    Trainer Tact Vest. It's a generic tact vest. I've worn it a couple times and one Halloween hah. Very good condition, this I just literally don't need. Nothing wrong with it. Good strong zipper, solid Velcro and adjustable sizing. It'll hold soft armor and hydration in the back. $35 CONUS or PM me a OBO

  3. trades welcome as well

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