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Thread: Surefire weapon light rechargeable 350 lumens

  1. Surefire weapon light rechargeable 350 lumens



    Hi guys,
    I have made a rechargeable conversion of a Surefire 6P flashlight, into a weapon light of 350 lumens.

    You can mount this baby in a 5.56 mm a 50 caliber or a shotgun, it will shrug recoil no matter what caliber you shoot. And is rechargeable.
    How come?
    I have machined the interior of the Surefire body, to accept the use of a premium quality Lithium Ion rechargeable battery,

    The special machined Surefire body is a part of the equation.
    The Lamp is a new one and output and incredible 350 lumens (well more than any Surefire weapon light)

    The tail cap has a remote cable switch with pressure pad, so you can place it on the stock of your rifle or shotgun, under your thumb. Yes thumb pressure will activate the light.
    IT IS ALSO PROVIDED WITH A CLICK TAILCAP for when the light is out of the rifle.

    Usually this type of light uses 123’s batteries, they go fast under the power of 350 lumens, so we opted for a long run time battery, rechargeable, that will last you close to 2 hours of run time.

    Moreover, when you are unsure of how much battery juice is in the battery, just pop it into the charger and you get a full charged battery, ideal if you practice much night shooting with your AR.
    You cannot do that with 123’s primary batteries unless you are willing to dump expensive half used batteries.

    Li Ion technology will provide extend use if you don’t use the light, an occasional full top charge every 5 months will keep the battery at full capacity.

    We have used a crenellated bezel up front, but I also have available a flat bezel.

    I provide the light with an aluminum Weaver style ring, or an all steel quick detach LEVER mount, (your choice) so you only have to attach it to a Weaver or Picattiny rail.

    E-mail me if you want to mount it on a sporting rifle and need to know which mount to use and where in the rifle to put it.

    Charger good for 110 to 240 volts, I provide plugs for Australian, European or UK if necessary

    $175 shipped in the USA
    $190 shipped International
    or $135 for the flashlight with the 350 lumens 5 function lamp.

    PAY PAL at:
    or I can send you a paypal request and you can pay it with your credit card.

    Also write me a this e-mail if you need more information or want to pay with money order, or check.
    Anyway, better e-mail me as I have options to customize the light to your needs, for example, I offer a momentary tail cap for those that don't like a pressure pad
    or I offer a crenellated bezel or flat bezel, or pressure pad with straight cord or curly cord for use in shotguns.

    If you PM me here, it will take longer to answer you, as I am working away from the computer, while e-mails I always can answer from my cell phone.

    The flashlight is provided with the 5 level 350 lumens lamp, it is like this:

    1 level 350 lumens for two hours
    2 level 175 lumens for 4 hours
    3 level 50 lumens for 9 hours
    4 level 350 lumens strobe
    5 level 350 lumens SOS


    NEW 500 lumens lamp at 75 yards

  3. Thank you for looking

  4. On right is a picture of the glossy anodized weapon light with the pressure pad switch (you also get the regular switch for when the light is out of the rifle), all steel LEVER mount, charger and battery. The weapon light uses the 350 lumens 1 level lamp. $175 shipped

    Here is the picture of the weapon light in matte black hard anodized type III, with the pressure pad switch and the all steel LEVER mount $185 shipped

    The flashlights are the same but without the mount or the pressure pad switch, the glossy flashlight is $135 and the matte black is $145 shipped

    The flashlight uses the 350 lumens 1 level lamp OR the 5 level lamps (your choice)

    You can e-mail me at jcharles11784(at)yahoo(dot)com for more information, pictures, OPTIONS and references.

    I have options to customize the light to your needs, for example if you don't like cables, I offer instead a soft momentary switch that you can activate with the finger of your grasping hand. curly cords pressure pads for shotguns, straight for rifles, lightweight Weaver style mounts if you are concerned with weight.

    E-mail me for the latest options available as I am always bringing new options to the system

    If you want to mount it on a sporting rifle, I have clamp on Picatinny rails for the barrel, or the scope, also clamps on Picatinny rails for the magazine tube in the shotgun or the barrel, just let me know what you need and in what weapon is going to be mounted.



    All will attach securely to Picatinny rails or Weaver bases

    First is an all steel quick detach LEVER mount
    Second is an ultra lightweight all aluminum nut mount
    Third is an aluminum OFFSET mount on the Daniel Defense style
    Your choice


    For the weapon light I have four switch options.

    First: A pressure pad switch with straight cord (for rifles)
    Second: A pressure pad switch with curly cord (for shotguns)
    And for those that don’t like cables on their guns:
    Third: A momentary and also click on/off switch
    Fourth: A momentary and turn on/ off switch (Surefire system)

  6. Can be attached to the scope
    with the optional Picatinny rail

    E-mail me at jcharles11784(at)Yahoo(dot)com
    for more information,OPTIONS and references

  7. If you want to mount the weapon light to a sporting rifle or shotgun, I have at extra cost, clamp Picatinny rails for rifle barrel, shotgun barrel or magazine tube and for scope.

    E-mail me at

    for more information.

    With my options I can customize the light to your needs, no other manufacturer offer this.


  8. Posted elsewhere


    Hi guys,
    Been working like a madman for a couple of years, little time to visit or do reviews, besides I am making my own tactical light now, rechargeable and with 350 lumens. I have two lamps for the light, a 1 level 350 lumens to use as a weapon light (I supply the pressure pad switch and the mount) and another lamp with five levels.

    In a recent revision of the circuit of the 5 level lamp, the lower setting of 50 lumens was increased in run time to 24 hours!
    So the lamp runs 350 lumens for 2 hours 20 minutes, 175 lumens for 4 hours 20 minutes and 50 lumens for 24 hours!
    It also has a 350 lumens strobe and a 350 lumens SOS. And all this running on a rechargeable battery.

    I have a private, secluded place in the Adirondacks where I fly fish for trout, it is a camping proposition, and in an area noted by a great amount of Bear traffic. It must be the berry patches or another feature of the terrain, but the place seems to be a preferred haunt by black bears. And I camp by myself for two or three days or until my fishing arm falls off.

    Over the years I have had to chase several bears out of the campsite in the dark hours of the night. For years I have been using the Driveway Patrol as an alarm system, the PIR infrared of the sensor will detect body heat/movement up to 20/30 feet away, and the alarm chime inside the tent will wake me up.

    I usually get up and opening the tent door I shine a powerful light (a Borealis 1,150 lumens) and in a gruff voice I tell the intruder to get out.
    It works until now, but I am well aware that one day a cross bear or a mother with cubs can give me trouble or try to make a meal out of me.

    So the new addition of the tactical light in the 50 lumens mode, permits me to flood the campsite area with light all night long, and still have battery juice for three more nights.
    So when the alarm awakes me, just a look out of the screen door, will let me know beforehand what I am dealing with.

    I put the alarm sensor on a ¼ “ pole and on top a piece of wood with a hole for the pole and the light secured on top. Actually I have two sets like that, so I also can see what is going on when I look out the side window.
    Here is a picture of the set up.

    Of course I have Bear protection with me and I also take all the necessary precautions to keep an odor free camp, to the extend of cooking my meals and storing my food and clothing with scents, 200 yards away from my sleeping quarters.

    If somebody is interested in the tactical, rechargeable light or in the weapon light, just send me an e-mail to

    The Driveway Patrol is available all over the net, the last time I bought it was $19.99 from same place in the net.
    If you camp where Bears could be an issue, think about my set up, it could save you some aggravation or worst.



    After 6 years of handcrafting the Borealis Rolls Royce, I have stopped making them in favor of the new LION BOREALIS.

    The new light uses a different and new power source: three newly developed Lithium Ion, fully protected batteries.
    The new batteries power the 3 ½ amps of the powerful Borealis bulb, and will produce 47 minutes of runtime.

    Three extra batteries (for extra runtime) are available for $69.

    The new Lion Borealis is $300 shipped, and includes two chargers and a cigarette lighter (12 volts) cord.

    Since it is made with the “host” of the 4C format, it is much lighter than the Borealis Rolls Royce, at 12 ¾” long and 19 oz heavy.

    It uses the same bulb and reflector of the famous Borealis Rolls Royce, so beam quality, throw distance and flood spread remain the same.
    Extensive tests were done in hot, cold, underwater, and muddy environments, and the new LION (short for Li Ion batteries) is as sturdy and dependable as the old Rolls Royce.

    Please e-mail me at jcharles11784(at)yahoo(dot)com for more information. My PayPal is the same as the address above.
    Looking forward to being of service.


    Black Bear Flashlights is not affiliated with Mag Instrument, Inc., which owns the famous MAG family of trademarks, including MAG-LITE®, and MINI-MAGLITE®,
    trademarks in the distinctive shape, style and overall appearance of its flashlights, and in the circumferential inscriptions around the face caps of all of Mag
    Instruments Inc.'s flashlights. Mag Instruments, Inc's trademarks are shown on this website for illustration only. Black Bear Flashlights are not made, licensed,
    endorsed, approved or recommended by Mag Instrument, Inc.

  10. Thank you for looking

  11. e-mail me at
    jcharles11784(at)yahoo(dot)com for more information

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