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Thread: Looking for a .22 pump

  1. Looking for a .22 pump

    I'm looking for a .22pump in good working condition. I don't want a collectors item it's for squirrel hunting.

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    I had a friend that used a 22 rifle for squirrels but only used the short ammo, as the 22lr ammo would go threw the squirrel and the squirrel would keep running. I would like to know if hollow point (hp) would expand enough to stay in the squirrels?? Also, I've heard that squirrels are vegitarians and there meat tastes great, have you found this to be true?? and last question, how do you clean squirrel?? I just bought a Henry Golden Boy and have a 4X32 scope on it. I would love to make my own squrrel stew! Thanks, Bob

  4. It does not make a difference if you use s,l or lr. It sounds like your friend would miss sometimes. I love squirrel and dumplings. Just look up some recipes on line.

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