WTT: Ruger LCP for Bersa Thunder 380 CC -IN
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Thread: WTT: Ruger LCP for Bersa Thunder 380 CC -IN

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    WTT: Ruger LCP for Bersa Thunder 380 CC -IN

    <del>Wanting to trade my Ruger LCP for a Bersa Thunder 380 Conceal Carry.</del>

    Wanting to sell A Ruger LCP.

    $250 cash

    The Ruger has had 100 flawless rounds fired trough it. It comes with everything as if buying new. The only mod I had done is painting the front sight with model paint.

    I'm located on the East side of Indy and travel to Shelbyville every Friday. Willing to travel 30min one way. FTF only. Must see LTCH and DL. I will write up a bill of sale. Thanks for looking!
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    Too bad u wont ship to ffl. or come to CT. I have a brand new Bersa CC im will to trade. If you decide differrent let me know.

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    Has been sold. Thanks

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