WTB 10 round magazine Ruger Sr9c
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Thread: WTB 10 round magazine Ruger Sr9c

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    WTB 10 round magazine Ruger Sr9c

    Does anyone have a Ruger Sr9c 10 round magazine for sale or know where to find one?
    New or used doesnt matter. I have been looking all over the internet and every place I find that sells them are out of stock
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    I am assuming you already checked with the Ruger Shop directly, right? Call them for availability. They will backorder for you.

    Cabela's has the SRC 10-round magazine. Ignore the picture Cabela's uses, it is just a stock Ruger mag.
    So does Cheaper Than Dirt.
    It is the same as SR9c mag, except that they put an extension on the bottom (See picture, below).
    WTB 10 round magazine Ruger Sr9c-picturesr9mag.jpg<= SR9 Mag WTB 10 round magazine Ruger Sr9c-sr9cmag.jpg<=SR9c Mag

    You will need a flat floorplate or a pinkie extension to replace it.
    WTB 10 round magazine Ruger Sr9c-pinkie.jpg
    Shop Ruger and Cheaper Than Dirt both carry these.

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    Did you try Ruger?

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    I just checked shopruger.com and they are out of stock as well.

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    This website says that they have them in stock (right at this moment):

    Ruger SR9C 9mm Compact 10rd Factory

    Hope you find one!
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    thanks, i had never heard of /been to that web page before... looks like a winner to me, i really apreciate it.
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